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 Mi Roborock S5 Max black  Mi Roborock S5 Max black  Mi Roborock S5 Max black  Mi Roborock S5 Max black

Mi Roborock S5 Max black

Xiaomi | v.a. €430,00

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  • Barcode: 6970995781939


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Alles over dit product

Easy to install and with great mapping power

Designed to be used right out of the box, the Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum is created for all households looking for a high quality vacuum cleaner robot. Thus, thanks to its laser sensor, this model offers a great capacity to map your home, thus achieving great safety of use. But, in addition, after the first pass it will detect the most optimal route for cleaning your home and will manage to do it in an easy and safe way for you. In addition, it has a great suction power, reaching 2000 PA. It is capable of trapping large amounts of dust and dirt from the house. It also has a mop, which allows you to vacuum and mop the floor in one go. This model has a larger water tank than its previous model and offers you a mopping superior to anything you could imagine. And if you don't want your carpets to be wet, you can avoid it by setting up restricted areas and barriers, just for the moment you use it with the cloth. You'll have your house clean all the time!

Total control: Mi Home on your smartphone

As a good Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, we get the most out of this robot if we use it together with the Mi Home application. Thanks to it, the robot vacuum will be able to offer the maximum guarantee of use. Thus, with it, we can see a mapping of our home, allowing us to define areas that we do not want to clean, areas that should be cleaned every day and others that do not or we can give orders to clean specific areas at that time. But it also allows us to know the state of the device and its different deposits, cleaning brushes and everything that happens with the robot. The Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum is designed to be part of the home automation ecosystem and integrate into it without any problem. Want to see it? We leave you with a video of the model in Black. Enjoy its power and the new Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max.

Sensors everywhere

Developed to be completely autonomous, it is designed to allow effective and efficient cleaning by itself. To do this, it has a laser distance meter LDS with 360 º scanner that checks everything that happens around it. It also has a high-capacity processor and, together with its lower sensors, you can carry out the missions of the Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum. And when your battery is running out, it will return to its base of charge without any problem. This model has a huge battery, which gives you a longer cleaning time, so you are always ready!

Sweep, vacuum and... scrub

In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, our Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum can also vacuum, thanks to its water tank and mop with filter. Thanks to them, you can have a much cleaner floor, since the filter controls the amount of water in a much more efficient way. Easy to recharge and replace the mop, has a series of mops adapted to the model, which will leave you much cleaner house.

Features Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum

  • Automatic cleaning for the office and home. General or zone cleaning.
  • Wi-Fi for full control from your smartphone with Mi Home (App Xiaomi)
  • Automatic or manual cleaning, so you can decide where to clean.
  • Intelligent route planning, leaves no corner uncleaned.
  • Distinguishes between types of floor, adding or decreasing cleaning pressure.
  • Low noise level.
  • Washable and interchangeable filters.
  • Laser sensor with mapping.

Product specificaties

Merk Xiaomi
Model Roborock S5 MAX
Kleur Zwart
Geluidsniveau 60 dB
Inhoud opvangreservoir 480 liter
Hepa luchtfilter Geen HEPA-filter
Bedrijfstijd Maximaal 180 minuten
Oplaadtijd 180 minuten
Voedingstype Accu
Accu/batterij technologie Li-Ion
Voltage 0 V
Vermogen 28 Watt
Vorm Rond
Gewicht 3,5 kg

Instellingen en functies

Afstandsbediening Nee
Bediening via app Nee
Dweilfunctie Stofzuiger met dweilfunctie
Navigatiemethode Laser
Automatisch hervatten Y
Afgronddetectie Ja
Smart Home Platform Geen platform
Automatisch opladen Ja
Inclusief stootrand Nee
Instelbaar tijdschema Ja
Vuildetectie Ja
Ronddraaiende middenborstels Ja
Zijborstel Ja

Bijgeleverde accessoires en toebehoren

Verpakkingsinhoud 1 x Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum 1 x Charging Base 1 x Scrub cloth base 1 x Scrub cloth 1 x Carpet for vacuum cleaner 1 x Power adapter 1 x User Manual

Product informatie

Artikelnummer Roborock S5 Max
Product gewicht 3500 gram
Gewicht verpakking 3500 gram
Afmetingen verpakking 40 x 40 x 15 cm
Product afmetingen (h x b x l) 10 x 36 x 36 cm
Verpakkingsinhoud 1 x Roborock S5 Max Black - Robot Vacuum 1 x Charging Base 1 x Scrub cloth base 1 x Scrub cloth 1 x Carpet for vacuum cleaner 1 x Power adapter 1 x User Manual
Fabrieksgarantie termijn 2 jaar
Producttaal Nederlands
Reparatie type Carry-in
Taal garantiebewijs Nederlands
Taal handleiding Nederlands
Uitzonderingen fabrieksgarantie onkundig gebruik
Verpakkingstaal Nederlands

Mogelijke vereisten instellen en gebruik

Kan zelfstandig met internet verbinden Ja
App vereist voor gehele functionaliteit Ja
App werkt op besturingssysteem Informatie niet beschikbaar
Delen van gebruikersgegevens vereist Informatie niet beschikbaar
Wifi vereist Informatie niet beschikbaar
Bluetooth vereist Informatie niet beschikbaar
Mobiele data verbinding mogelijk Informatie niet beschikbaar
Betaalde diensten vereist Informatie niet beschikbaar
Compatibel met Informatie niet beschikbaar

Introductie en ondersteuning

Ondersteuning met updates Informatie niet beschikbaar

Overige kenmerken

Aanbevolen voor type vloer Harde vloeren , Houten vloeren
Anti-vastloop systeem Ja
Bumper Nee
Geschikt voor tapijt Ja
Leegt automatisch Nee
Maximale drempelhoogte 0 cm
Type gebiedsafbakening Virtuele muur

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